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Battle of Fromelles Museum

musee fromelles

fromelles extérieur réduit

  The Battle of Fromelles Museum is a new chapter of our history which began almost 100 years ago.

  The battle was fought between the 19th and 20th of July, 1916 and divided the British and Australians against a Bavarian division. In less than 24 hours, approximately 8500 lives were lost. Many of the dead were never found.

  Learn about the battle, the archaeological finds and the history of the soldiers at the permanent exhibit at the musuem and discover a story that continues to be told.


Musée de la bataille de Fromelles
Rue de la Basse Ville
Tel : +

Louvre-Lens Museum

louvre lens pineau


  Inaugurated on the 4th of December, 2012, on the day we celebrate St. Barbara, patron saint of miners, cherished by all 'Lensois".

  The prestigious Parisian museum is located on an ancient wasteland, between Europe's tallest heaps and the Bollaert stadium.

  The museum includes a wide range of important forms of architecture and offers a unique look at the collections found at the Louvre and allows the public to access the individual museum wings.


Musée du Louvre-Lens
62300 LENS
Tel : 03 21 18 62 62


Vieille bourse beffroi

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  Located in the heart of the Paris-London-Brussels triangle, thanks to the TGV, motorways and the Channel Tunnel, Lille is situated close to all the major European capitals. The city comprises of 87 towns with more than 1 million inhabitants.

  A city proud of its history, folklore and traditions, Lille is an evolving city which constantly looks to the future. Two examples of Flemish symbols can be seen in the center of the city : the "Vieille Bourse", founded in 1652 and the ultramodern towers of Euralille, inaugurated in 1994.

  Walking through the city, one can discover the harmonious mixture of both ancient and new. For more information, please visit :




ypres 2569645b

ypres menin gate memorial

  Ipres is a Belgian town located in Flanders, the administrative capital of the province of West Flanders. It is located in the area of Westhoek.

  The town owes its tourism fame to the First World War, of which it still carries the scars. Beside its new interactive museum "In Flanders Fields" you will be plunged in a single environment it will allow you to learn more on this great cataclysm.

  Beyond its military past, Ypres has other assets which you will discover during your a stay between historical heritage and today's cultural.


Flanders Hills

Monts de Flandre046

visite virtuelle moulin cassel

  In the middle of the our Northern department, at the Belgian border, the Flanders bens can be easily seen from far away. Each top has its own unique character and offers an overall point of view from where one can contemplate landscapes with the colours of an infinite variety.

  The Flanders bens are a series of hills developing from the west (Watten in France) to the east (Kemmel in Belgium). The 5 imposing hills form in the French part, as the chain of the Flanders bens : Mont Cassel (178m), Mont des Récollets (159m), Mont de Boeschepe (137m), Mont des Cats (158m) and Mont Noir (130m).

  This natural unit strongly contrasts with the lowlands which eventually fade a little further towards the North Sea.


Northern Beaches


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  Located at the extreme north of France, the Nord-Pas-de-Calais area offers an oft-ignored exceptional coast. With a 140 km long coastline, one finds immense sandy beaches in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais area where everyone's favourite activity is land sailing.

The coast known as the Côte d'Opale (Opal Coast) extends to the south from Berck-sur-Mer at the border to the Picardy beaches and in the north with Bray-Dunes at the Belgian border. Bordered by the English Channel and the North Sea, the region comprises of two departments. The Pas-de-Calais beaches are most famous for the authentic seaside resorts and two listed cliffs (Cap Blanc Nez and Cap gris Nez).

The Northern beaches mark the transition with Belgium. From the beach to the city center area, there are many activities, including a natural park bordured by dunes via beaches below. Cliffs are accessible by paths located on the  side of the cliffs and show the diversity of the Pas-de-Calais coast where one can find their own private beach.





  The Nord-Pas-de-Calais is well known for its "estaminets", cafés which sell alcohol and have much character, typically found in this region.

  Halfway between Lille and Dunkirk, unique establishments attest to this Flemish identity : they are the "estaminets".

  When winter arrives with its huge downpours, they are great places to escape and keep warm.

  These cafés never disappoint. With their particular environment and their happy-go-lucky atmosphere, one can drink a beer and/or enjoy a regional dish between friends and family.




Weppes Swimming Pool




  First aquatic complex built under the direct control of Lille Metropole, the Weppes swimming pool is located in Herlies, on the RN41. Its offer a service dedicated mainly to teach swimming techniques to the public and schools with a sporting approach.

  The weppes swimming pool offers 545m2 of water distributed in 3 different pools :
1 25 meters pool broken up into 6 lanes,
1 training/activities pool comprising of 120m2 of water activities,
1 50m2 pool dedicated to toddlers (up to 6 years) comprising of a paddling pool and activities for children to play with,
1 solarium,
1 picnic garden.

Piscine des Weppes
40 Rue de la croix
Tel : 03 28 55 24 50


kinepolis lomme exterieur


  Opened in 1996, this cinema contains 23 screens and 7286 seats, Kinepolis Lomme (Lille) is the first multiplex cinema in France and continues to offer the biggest choice of great films in the region in its ever-changing surroundings.

Kinépolis Lomme
1 rue du chateau d'Isenghien
59461 LOMME
Tel : 03 20 17 04 00